Electrical services

Are you refitting a house? Do you run a construction company? Perhaps roofing or electrical?
Let’s meet. We will design and develop electrical switchgears that suit your needs.

Our offer

- Electrical systems
- Stand-by power supply systems. Complex realisation from the get-go starting from the building design, development of stand-by power supply switchgear up until handing it over for use. 20KW-20MW systems. Adaptation of main switchgears for alternative needs and pro-ecological power supplies: aggregates, solar sets, hydro-generators and wind generators.
- Floor heating fitting
- lightning rods ( we deal with lightning rods development for single-family houses and flats as well as small and medium premises. We use overvoltage systems, grounding bars, earthings and shock protection.)
- electric measurements (we carry out measurements and periodic operating inspection, also referred to as protective and commissioning tests on:[effectiveness of shock protection, circuit breakers, insulation resistance, grounding resistance of the lightning protection system.].Measurements and commissioning tests of fittings and electrical appliances, both newly installed and modernised. They are to confirm their usefulness and readiness at its instalment.).

- General and emergency lightning setup.
- building brightness
- Intercom systems (in the age of rapid technological development they have become standard in newly built constructions and private homes. We develop systems for industrial plants, houses and apartment blocks which transmit sound or sound and picture simultaneously. A door phone has become a popular means of voice transmission.)
- Low-voltage systems for IT, SAP, DSO, CCTV, SSWIN and SKD.
- Radio, TV and satellite systems (Along with the needs of the market we develop systems taking advantage of terrestrial transmission (Radio and TV systems) and satellite transmission (satellite systems). Our services are aimed at private houses as well as other buildings using collective radio and TV systems for a larger number of recipiants (e.g. apartment blocks).
- Fibre optic lines

Housing and public utilities

(customers: construction companies, architects,
developers and individual investors)

Industry and logistic centres

Public sector